First Things First.  What is Bubble Football?

Bubble Football (often referred to as Zorb Football or Zorball) is an an extremely fun and exciting sport thats slowly but surely taking over Britain. 

Basically, its football with one hilarious twist – All players are placed in a huge inflatable Bubble.

Once in these bubbles the player is protected from physical harm.  When fouled a player simply hits the floor in the bubble and is cushioned to safety.

It’s easy and accessible for players of any skill level to get involved and play against each other, as once your in a bubble its really quite equal. Check out the video on our homepage if you have any doubts or confusion.



Our Mission is to bring Bubble Football to the masses.  The first time we got in a bubble and played we knew this was something special.

Bubble Baller are on a mission to become the leading national UK brand of Bubble Football.  Starting in the North East, we will constantly be branching out to new locations.  If we currently do not service your area, send us a message and let us know – We will try our best to come to you.

Areas We Currently Cover





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Partner With Us

We are currently looking to expand across the UK.  If you run a Bubble Football business in your area and you would like to significanly increase the amount of business you receive, then please get in touch.

You will get a dedicated Bubble Baller website for your town or city and we will work our hardest to get the site to the top of Google to dominate your local market.

Initially we will see how many bookings come through the website each week before moving forward.

Thats what’s in it for you, but what’s in it for us?

We offer two types options:

Pay per lead – Where we will charge you a small percentage for every booking we send your way.

Pay per month – This will be the cheaper option where you stand to make the most profit.  We will simply take a monthly fee and put your contact details on the site so all inquiries come directly to you.

If this sounds good to you or you have any further questions then please get in touch by emailing

  • Absolutley loved it! Most fun I've had on a football pitch and im a regular football player!

    Jamie Barlow
    Jamie Barlow
  • There is no better feeling than completely wiping out your best mate! Such a good laugh!

    Harry Walker
    Harry Walker
  • My son had a great birthday party, thank you Bubble Baller for making it such a good day.

    Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker